Work Experience and Apprenticeship Project

"The Work Experience and Apprenticeship Project is currently under review"

Training Queensland & SITlink are working to create increased opportunities for work experience, school-based and full-time apprenticeships and traineeships in North Queensland.


Work Experience is an essential component of developing the future of industry and Training Queensland and SITlink have engaged BIO to engineer an ingenious approach.

The Work Experience and Apprenticeship Portal, which is free for users, will enable employers and schools to identify specific opportunities and provide information to create a better match for students to industry.  Complementing the existing formal and informal relationships between schools and employers, the North Queensland portal operates across all sectors.

The portal focuses on minimising the time and communications barriers that can restrict student access to experience certain occupations and provides industry with a targeted and centralised opportunity to get involved.

 In addition, and to ensure the success of the program,  Training Queensland will further develop resources to assist students, parents, schools and industry to engage better and improve the entire process.

This Work Experience and Apprenticeship Portal site is free for users with schools and industry in North Queensland pioneering the introduction. 

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Work experience placements are organised through schools. Schools are aware of the various types of work experience placements that can be tailored to the needs of the student and the employer. Please contact your school for further information.