Smart Futures 4 North Queensland

SF4NQSITLink provided the strategic direction for the SF4NQ Initiative.  A Project Officer provided by Training Qld undertook to deliver the outcomes for SF4NQ.  The Project Officer set up and utilised working parties made up of responsible organisations to achieve outcomes.

Smart Futures 4 North Queensland is currenly under review.

SF4NQ is a vehicle to develop career advice for students to transition to local industry and further education by the following activities:

  • Local industry interacting and showcasing themselves as an employer of choice
  • Industry exposure to school, teacher, student and parents as potential career choices
  • Develop employer/employment links between schools/students/parents and industry
  • Indigenous student’s career pathways link

The Smart Futures 4 North Queensland initiative seeks to assist teachers in guiding and supporting students through the transition from education to secure employment.  SF4NQ activities expand students thinking beyond the known extremes of the traditional trades and university pathways. SF4NQ promotes vocational training in every industry sector – specifically looking to expand student’s horizons to encompass the many paraprofessional careers with Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma level qualifications.

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