Deadly ID Kit

The Deadly ID Kit has been put together to assist Indigenous students with their future goals after Year 12.  These important documents will be required by future employers and many other organisations.

Students can apply for each of these certificates:

  • Birth Certificate
  • 18+ card or Learners License
  • Medicare Card
  • Tax File Number

Go to the websites provided on the “Where do I get?” document and follow the instructions.  The Deadly ID Kit has a sample of each application document to help students identify the correct form.  These documents are very important and once students receive them they need to keep them in a safe place, the Deadly ID Kit is one place or keep them with a family member or ask their school to keep them in their file.

The Deadly ID Kit also contains information to:

  • Apply for a bank account
  • A place to keep your academic history and resume
  • An ID contact card
  • A Where Do I Get It contact list

The Deadly ID Kit has cards to keep the document numbers.  Once students receive their certificates they can write their personal identification numbers on their cards to keep in their wallet to use when they get a job or for other purposes.

Students will need these certificates when they are seeking work and when they start their new job.  Students will also need them when applying for a bank account and such things as accommodation.

The Deadly ID Kit also provides contact numbers for other agencies who may be of assistance to students as they move into study, training or work after Year 12.

Students will also need to keep a copy of their Year 12 school reports, Queensland Certificate of Education and statements of other qualifications and activities they were involved with whilst at school.

Access Deadly ID Kit